Middle School Teachers Receive Named Position Honors

By BB&N September 22, 2022

Middle School teachers Wendy Svatek and Lauren Hoyt ’08 have received the prestigious honor of being respectively named the next recipients of The Jeanette Markham Master Teacher Chair, and The Marian W. Vaillant Future Leader Instructorship. (Pictured from Left to Right: Upper School Director Mary Dolbear, Middle School history teacher Lauren Hoyt, and Middle School science teacher Wendy Svatek)

Originating in 2009, The Jeanette Markham Master Teacher Chair honors of the founder of The Buckingham School in 1889, who also served as its first Headmistress until 1901. The Chair recognizes senior faculty for excellence in teaching and faculty leadership, and acknowledges established faculty members who have made exceptionally valuable contributions to the life of the school.

The Vaillant Future Leader Instructorship honors the third Headmistress of The Buckingham School, who served the School from 1935 to 1962. It recognizes the special contributions that promising early and mid-career faculty have made to the School community, their academic accomplishments, and evidence of personal growth.

Head of School Dr. Jen Price enthusiastically congratulated both Svatek and Hoyt ’08 in an announcement to the BB&N community and the Board of Trustees last week. Please click here to read Dr. Price’s comments about these impressive appointments.