Educational Technology

At BB&N, we harness the power of current technology to enrich our educational journey.

Our school stands out with its strategic integration of digital tools across all grades. Our approach is designed to keep pace with today’s digital age and elevate every student’s learning experience, nurturing them to become empowered leaders of tomorrow. At BB&N, children are able to thrive in an environment where innovation meets tradition.

Lower School

At our Lower School, we believe in intertwining modern technology with foundational education to maximize learning. Our young students confidently navigate age-suited devices – from lab computers to iPads and laptops – turning their assignments and projects into captivating learning adventures. Our tech-infused curriculum fuels critical thinking and teamwork and boosts their enthusiasm for learning. With thoughtfully designed Chromebook programs for our 5th and 6th graders, we ensure every student has the tools to excel. Above all, we prioritize teaching our students the importance of digital citizenship and safe online practices, preparing them for a tech-driven future.

Middle School

In our Middle School, we recognize technology’s pivotal role in today’s learning landscape. Each of our students is equipped with an Apple laptop, enhancing their ability to dive deep into research, create compelling presentations, and collaborate effectively. Our digital learning environment is tailored to be central communication points, ensuring students are always in the loop. Beyond the classroom, students can explore and nurture their passions through web-based labs and specialized clubs such as film editing. We’re dedicated to providing a balanced and innovative education, empowering our students for the digital age.

Upper School

At BB&N’s Upper School, we seamlessly blend technology with learning, recognizing its centrality in modern research, writing, and communication. Every student must have a laptop, ensuring they have the tools to excel in an ever-evolving digital world. Additionally, we offer specialized computers and iPads tailored for specific subject areas, and our well-equipped library even provides device loans for those in need.

For the tech-savvy and the curious, a range of online courses is available through Global Online Academy (GOA). Students also benefit from our integrated platform of Google Apps and Canvas, streamlining their academic experience. And for those passionate about the future, we proudly offer courses and clubs dedicated to programming, coding, and robotics. At BB&N Upper School, we’re more than just technology-ready; we’re technology-driven.