Global Education

BB&N’s Global Education program seeks to foster globally competent citizens with an in-depth knowledge of the world, its people, and its challenges.

Students are empowered to make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

Global Education at BB&N taps into the diversity of our community and beyond by weaving throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities at all grade levels. To develop global competency, students engage in meaningful educational experiences where they share their own culture while learning from others’ backgrounds. Global Education inspires students to be leaders by creating an inclusive and equitable community, where diversity is celebrated.

students at event in gym.

B-12 Curriculum Connections

Teachers and students bring BB&N’s Global Education program to life on all three campuses. Guided by our Global Competency Framework, the curriculum empowers students to investigate local and global relationships and connections. In the classroom, BB&N students develop the tools and knowledge to actively engage in local and global affairs, recognizing the impact local decisions have on the world and how global processes affect local communities.

Travel Programs

Challenging students to embrace a greater sense of global awareness and interconnectedness, the Global Education program sponsors international travel opportunities for students and faculty to gain an appreciation of other cultures, practice foreign languages, and learn about current issues facing local peoples. Through language exchange programs and global collaborations, travel programs promote experiential learning as students apply their studies to real situations and connect students with peers across the globe.

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Global Partners

BB&N partners with global organizations to provide the community with resources, professional development opportunities, and student programs. Through a range of global memberships, BB&N expands student, faculty, and staff opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, BB&N provides platforms to meet and collaborate with peers and colleagues to address today’s pressing local and global issues.

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Student Leadership

Student engagement is essential to BB&N’s Global Education program. Through clubs and school initiatives, students take on leadership roles to guide sustainability efforts, services learning opportunities, and civic engagement. Students participate in conferences, summits and training opportunities in partnership with global organizations and networks.

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