Bionutrient Researcher Visits Sparks Street

By Hannah Garcia March 14, 2024

8th-grade students embark on a scientific journey every year, culminating in detailed presentations to their peers and the community. To kick off the project, Dan Kittredge, an organic farmer, researcher, climate champion, and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association and Bionutrient Institute visited classes to speak and demonstrate his work.

Kittredge’s work focuses on soil and the connections between plant and human health. Every period of grade 8 science on March 8th featured a talk and lab demonstration by the scientist where the students got to work together to test the nutrient levels of carrots and apples and compare them to standards for produce. 

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Kittredge to pique their interest in their future projects that they’ll spend the next 2 months creating and refining.