buses in line at school.
buses in line at school.

Student Life


Transportation at BB&N involves a multi-faceted and thoughtful approach to servicing families from a range of communities in the Greater Boston Area.

Coordinated options for our Beginner to Upper School students include morning and afternoon bus routes, connections to and from Harvard Square for public transit, shuttles to and from student parking from our Grove Street Athletic Campus in Watertown, and buses running between the campuses. BB&N’s transportation program supports local and statewide initiatives to reduce the overall impact of commuting on our environment.

Our buses and vans, owned and operated by the school, facilitate the transfer of students during the school day for programming such as field trips and connections to and from athletic facilities and programming.

*The BB&N transportation program is subject to a fee and may be adjusted

*All bus routes are subject to change each school year

Transportation Options

BB&N is proud to offer bus transportation to our surrounding communities, operated by our friendly, professional drivers. Our drivers enjoy playing an important part in the daily lives of students, and families value the special relationships that develop with our transportation team.

*All bus routes are subject to change each school year

Daily passes for BB&N bus routes are available for families who wish to select specific days and times when their child may need a ride to or from school. Daily bus passes are available on bus routes that are not at full capacity and nominal fees apply.

BB&N encourages students to utilize public transportation. The school offers discounted MBTA and commuter rail passes for all students. Additionally, students who are residents of Boston are eligible for the Boston Public school funded free T-Pass program.