Grades B–6

Welcome to the Lower School

Discovery Begins at BB&N’s Lower School

We believe that every child should have a solid foundation that positively frames their learning experience. Students in Beginners to Grade 6 in BB&N’s Lower School receive facilitated instruction that focuses on their academic and social-emotional development. Our caring faculty and staff will nurture your children’s emerging interests, supporting them to take creative risks. 

The Lower School curriculum and special programs expand beyond the classroom, easing students into the BB&N community. We introduce students to diverse ideas, concepts, and cultures. Students are constantly exploring how they relate to the world—whether it’s kindergartners discovering how colors mix, third graders learning about a range of ability, or sixth graders studying underrepresented narratives, such as the experience of Indigenous Nations before, during, and after the founding of our country. 

kids working in class.
kids sitting on floor in class.

Programs That Spark Curiosity

The lower grades are formative years in a child’s academic journey. At BB&N, we provide valuable opportunities in developmentally appropriate environments that encourage students to explore and discover what sparks their interest. Students can read, write, or synthesize their way to growth inside and outside the classroom.

Rooted in Compassion

Lower School teachers foster an atmosphere that models compassion and trust, and helps students build confidence and self-esteem. Our teachers are attuned to every student’s needs and work alongside families to ensure their children are thriving.

Celebrating Authenticity

Every voice and every identity belongs at BB&N. We embrace the multiple perspectives and experiences that make up our interconnected community. Lower School students are encouraged to celebrate what makes them unique and to engage meaningfully who have those with different cultures and beliefs.

Creating Lifelong Friendships

BB&N is the perfect place to meet lifelong friends. Lower School students have the unique opportunity to forge genuine connections with peers they will know for years to come. Our student-centered spaces allow for authentic bonds that create a strong classroom community.

Discover Our Approach

Curriculum Overviews

Get to know our curriculum and programs, and how we cultivate deep learning at all grade levels.

Teacher Training Institute

Learn more about our partnership with Lesley University and how we mentor teachers to become outstanding educators.

Academic Departments

From Visual Arts to World Languages, discover the academic journey Lower School students experience at BB&N.

Integrated With Technology

Discover how digital technologies in the Lower School enhance our curriculum through meaningful integration.