Learning Support

Student Support Services at BB&N promotes the holistic growth and success of every student.

Specialists in learning support, counselors, and nurses work together on both campus specific and cross-campus teams, in collaboration with faculty, staff and administrators, to offer a range of support to meet our students’ diverse needs. Through collaborative partnerships, we empower students to overcome challenges, embrace their unique abilities, and become resilient, lifelong learners.

Supporting Students on the Journey to Academic Success

For students who need additional support in school, from grades B-12, our experienced specialists collaborate closely with students, teachers, and families to understand individual learning styles, strengths, and areas of growth. We prioritize inclusivity and equity, striving to support each student’s journey at BB&N. Some student supports are able to be provided at school while others might require outside interventions (e.g., tutoring). Specialists work closely with families who engage in outside support to support communication with the student’s school team. BB&N offers a peer tutor program in the Upper School, connecting students who offer subject-specific support and study strategies to their peers. Through collaboration and expertise, peer tutors empower fellow students to overcome challenges and achieve academic success.


Any questions regarding SAT/ACT/AP accommodations should be directed to the school’s SSD coordinator Emma O’Loughlin at

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