BB&N’s faculty and staff are the foundation of our school. Their skill, empathy, and dedication create transformational spaces for students to learn and grow, both inside and outside the classroom. Our faculty and staff cultivate an environment where students feel welcome to bring their authentic selves to school daily, in support of the school’s core values of scholarship, belonging, integrity, and kindness.

BB&N Employee Values

Qualified and Experienced

At BB&N, we strive to hire candidates who have previous field-related training and personal experience to enhance their role. In an effort to have each faculty and staff member set up for success, roles and responsibilities are aligned with the unique talents and skills they bring to BB&N.

Authentic in Every Way

BB&N employees are encouraged and supported to show up to work each day as their full selves. We look to our faculty and staff to encourage students also to be true to themselves, so that all who study and work here feel a genuine sense of belonging.

Trailblazers for Change

Faculty and staff members at BB&N believe in a stronger tomorrow. They craft instruction that sparks curiosity and they inspire students to have the confidence to utilize their talents and skills to make a difference in the world.

Committed to Anti-Racism

BB&N is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution. The different perspectives and experiences of our students, faculty, and staff members cultivate the fabric of our community. We are a community whose members appreciate, understand, and learn from one another.

Current BB&N Job Openings

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teacher demonstrating to two girls in class.
teacher helping students in class.

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Non-Discrimination Statement

As part of its continuing equal employment opportunity efforts, BB&N is committed to hire and employ individuals qualified for positions by virtue of education, training, experience, and personal qualifications. BB&N does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, gender, national origin or ancestry, military experience, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or disability, gender identity, genetic information or any other protected status. Additionally, BB&N will not discriminate on the basis of employees’ receipt of free medical services, report or disclosure of employer information, completion of the HIRD Form, nor the disclosure of any information relevant to “Free Rider Surcharge” Assessments.

BB&N aims to hire diverse candidates to support our goal of having a faculty and staff group that is reflective of our increasingly diverse community of learners.