Community Engagement

We leverage our location at the heart of Cambridge to enhance student learning.

At BB&N, we believe that learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

We center service learning as a means of understanding self and others, preparing students to be civically engaged and to investigate community issues from a place of humility and curiosity. Community partnerships support student growth, and families are always welcome to partner in their children’s learning and to participate in the vibrant life of the school.

students cleaning up along the charles river.

B-12 Service Learning

Through our B-12 service learning program, students learn about themselves, their communities, and issues they care about. Whether it’s reducing our own food waste by collecting uneaten lunches for a local community fridge at the Lower School, investigating housing insecurity in the Boston area at the Middle School, or launching their own social entrepreneurship projects at the Upper School, BB&N students practice civic engagement and learn to be active, responsible community partners.

two students walking in harvard square.

The City Is Our Classroom

Cambridge is our home, the Greater Boston area our neighborhood. This prime location translates into our curriculum at every grade level: students visit local museums, practice their world language skills out in the community, discuss local issues with city officials, and intern with businesses and nonprofits headed by our alumni/ae for their capstone Senior Spring Project.

Community Events

More than just a school, BB&N is a community of caring and engaged families, students, faculty, and staff. Delight in the richness of our community at One School One World, BB&N’s multicultural festival; honor Dr. King’s legacy at our annual luncheon; and celebrate holidays from around the world with our family affinity groups.

Local Partners

We build local partnerships that break down the barriers between public and private institutions, and foster meaningful connections across the Greater Boston Area and beyond.