BB&N tapestries hanging outside.



Smiling Dr. Price.

Welcome to our BB&N website—we hope these pages give you a little taste of what life is like here at our amazing school. When I joined the BB&N community a few years ago, I remember vividly my first few days on our three campuses in Cambridge. The first thing that struck me was how this was a school equally committed to excellence and kindness, a place where scholarship and inclusion are complementary priorities. One of the first students I met described BB&N as a place where “it’s cool to be smart.”

In many ways, our location in Cambridge—the world-famous hub of learning—defines our school’s personality. This is a dynamic place where the members of our community like to engage with ideas, to investigate, to solve problems. Moreover, in an echo of one of my mother’s favorite concepts, we at BB&N make it our mission to leave the spaces we enter better than we found them.

I invite you to pay us a visit and learn firsthand what makes BB&N so special. We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Jennifer Price

Head of School