art exhibit.
art exhibit.

Reimagine Your Creative Potential

Arts at BB&N

Through the arts, students develop their imagination, realize their creative potential, and hone their analytical and problem-solving abilities. We offer Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts programs that challenge students to ask deep questions such as: Who am I? Who are you? What stories do we have to tell? Students expand their skills and worldview through creative media such as drama, pottery, and jazz band.

Unlocking artistic development

At BB&N, the arts programs enrich perspective through creativity.

In the Lower School, students build foundational skills for self-expression, creative exploration, and arts appreciation. Within our Middle School, students expand their opportunities with a broader range of intensive courses. As they journey into the Upper School, students can specialize in one or more specific areas at greater depth.

Bring Creative Energy to Life

There is power in observation. BB&N’s Visual Arts program enables students to bring thoughts and ideas to life through painting, photography, woodworking, architecture, and more. As students move through divisions, their opportunities for self-expression, creativity, and innovative thinking deepen and expand.

A young woman is working in a pottery studio.

Telling Stories Through Music

Students at BB&N are encouraged to find the musician within themselves. Starting in the Lower School, students learn the basics of beat, rhythm, and tone and transition to vocal and instrumental music. As students advance, they can join vocal choirs and instrumental ensembles.

music student holding guitar.

Express Your Authentic Voice

Across all three campuses, BB&N’s theater and dance programs allows students to bring stories to life and make connections with the audience and themselves. Students build emotional awareness and narrative ability through musical theater, improv, and dance. The skills students develop give them the confidence to express their voices and trust their creative instincts.

upper school stage performance.