BB&N Leadership

Board of Trustees


Charles A. Brizius, Chair
Jason Hafler ’00, Vice Chair
Pam Baker, Vice Chair/Secretary
Jimmy Berylson ’00, Vice Chair/Treasurer


Bunmi Adekore
Jake Anderson-Bialis ’98
Carmen Arce-Bowen
Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92
Tamara Ashford ‘86
Abby Fung Band
Alexi Conine
David Deming
Alexis Boyle Egan ’93
Alexandra Epee-Bounya
Rachel Kroner Hanselman ’89
Lionel Harris
Jeff Hawkins
Christine Kahvejian
Young Lee
Bridget Long
Shep Perkins
Leslie Riedel
Jay Sammons
Ariane Schwartz ‘01
Amy Selinger
Ila Shah
Zeynep Ton
Darin Vest ’86
Alix Wozniak ‘10

Head of School

Dr. Jennifer Price

Leadership Team

Jennifer Price
Head of School

Tara Gohlmann
Chief Operating and Financial Oficer

Jed Lippard
Chief Learning Officer

Julie Gray
Chief Advancement Officer

Leila Bailey-Stewart
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Global Education Officer

Anthony Reppucci
Lower School Director

Mary Dolbear
Middle School Director

Jessica Keimowitz
Upper School Director

Jorge Delgado
Director of Enrollment Management

Kimberly Gold
Director of Student Support Services

Chuck Richard
Director of Athletics

Ashley Pierre
Director of Human Resources

Joe Clifford
Director of Communications

Andrea Cadyma
Executive Assistant to the Head of School