Student Life


Bivouac is a transformative two-week outdoor experience specifically designed for ninth graders at BB&N.

The Bivouac program, which has been part of the BB&N experience for 70 years, offers a shared and unique adventure that serves as both an orientation for all freshmen and a means to integrate new students into the high school community effectively. This carefully crafted program, which takes place at BB&N’s Camp Marienfeld in New Hampshire, challenges students to assume new responsibilities and take ownership of their actions while living and learning together.

Bivouac’s Impact

Our Bivouac program revolves around two key aspects. It aims to instill a sense of confidence in students by exposing them to unexpected and challenging situations and helping them develop essential coping skills. Secondly, Bivouac cultivates an awareness of interdependence among all community members, fostering a sense of unity and mutual support. In addition, the program capitalizes on the physical resources of the Bivouac site, immersing students in the environment and fostering an understanding of their impact on nature.

The Bivouac Experience