two students working under a staircase.
two students working under a staircase.

Grades 7-8

Welcome to the Middle School

Growing Into Their Best Self

At our stand-alone Middle School campus, we recognize how important grades 7-8 are in a student’s personal and academic journey. We know that students are developing a curiosity for the world around them and wondering who they are and what they stand for. The Middle School academic program fosters a growth mindset among students while also embracing both the joys and challenges of early adolescence.

Students build self-advocacy skills throughout their Middle School academic journey as faculty encourage students to take accountability and build healthy work habits. Teachers work alongside students and provide mentorship, guiding them to take ownership of their own learning.

students working with teacher.

Challenged to Take Risks and Responsibility

Students are given newfound autonomy within the BB&N Middle School. Across academic and athletic programs, students begin to ask big questions that tap into their critical thinking and encourage them to take risks. Whether learning how to be a team player on the field or taking a closer look at plot development in a novel, students build a sense of awareness and responsibility. 

Meeting Students Where They Are

Our Middle School students are constantly evolving. As physical, emotional, and intellectual changes occur, we aim to provide developmentally appropriate instruction. Common themes across departments—such as exploration, innovation, identity, and relationships—provide students with the ideal balance of support and challenge.

Free to Explore Identity

The discovery of oneself is critical for students in the middle grades. At BB&N, we create a safe space where students can freely explore their identities and express their feelings and thoughts. Affinity spaces and service-oriented clubs expand students’ worldviews and shape global perspectives.

Supported Inside and Outside the Classroom

The Middle School offers a supportive community where structured time exists for students to meet with teachers and advisors to review classwork, discuss their goals and challenges, and simply connect. Whether students want to understand new math concepts, learn to play a new instrument, or build their athletic prowess, we are here to give them tools for success.

Discover Our Approach

Program Guide

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Maker Space

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Academic Departments

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Advisory & Co-Curriculum

Discover how the Middle School advisory program promotes positive habits, self-advocacy, and socio-emotional skills through community-focused learning.