young students reading after school.
young students reading after school.

Student Life

After School Programs

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After School at BB&N

BB&N’s After School Program provides a secure and enjoyable environment for our students, fostering enrichment and ensuring their safety. After School offers a stress-free, high-quality program that parents can depend on, aligning with our school’s mission and dedication to diversity. We offer the flexibility and care needed to enrich the whole child, family, and community.

Program Offerings

Beginners – Grade 6

Our After Care program is intentionally designed to be unstructured and driven by the children themselves. It aims to foster creativity, independence, and friendships by offering the opportunity to embark on new adventures every day. Our program strikes a balance between organized and unstructured activities, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable afternoon experience. Students can engage in a variety of activities such as free play, games, art, storytelling, computer time, and even find a quiet spot to complete homework. We offer semester options, programs specifically designed for students with older siblings, as well as a daily drop-in option. After Care operates from the time of dismissal until 5:30 PM each day.

Our After School Activities Program (ASAP) classes provide a structured and guided learning experience with skilled instructors. We offer a wide range of choices to cater to diverse interests, including chess, art, STEM, moviemaking, dance, coding, martial arts, private music lessons, and many other options. ASAP is designed for students who prefer more structured activities. Families have the flexibility to participate solely in ASAP programs or combine them with our After Care program to create a personalized coverage plan. ASAP classes commence after dismissal and typically run for one hour.

Grades 7 – 8

The primary aim of our MSX Program is to create an enriching and enjoyable environment for BB&N Middle School students. Our program is designed to be stress-free and of the highest quality, ensuring families can depend on it. We provide designated homework spaces, engaging outdoor activities, and opportunities for socializing. This program acts as a bridge between the end of athletics and adult pick-up, offering a seamless transition for students. Our goal is to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere where students can thrive and families can have peace of mind.


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