College Counseling

BB&N’s College Counseling Office is dedicated to supporting students through the college admission journey.

With a focus on finding colleges that match each student’s interests and goals, the office assigns a college counselor to each student in the winter of their junior year. The college counselor works with the student through junior and senior years to explore post-BB&N options, prepare college applications, and understand financial aid options.

Aiming to minimize uncertainty and offer support every step of the way, BB&N’s College Counseling Office recognizes that planning for college is just one step on a student’s life path and that empowering students and understanding families helps everyone navigate this complicated process. The entire office is focused on centering the student’s voice as they make their first adult decision and choose the next step on their journey.

Once I stopped using the acceptance rate at a college as a way to judge if it was a ‘good’ college, my stress level went way down. I started focusing on the colleges that were good for me.

high school students walking into building.

Writing the essay went beyond the college process — my college counselor helped me say ‘This is who I am’ and tell my story for the first time.

student showing laptop to other students outside.

My college counselor never told me I wasn’t going to get into a particular school. Instead, she helped me build a balanced list.

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