Middle School Spells “Musical” in Style

By Hannah Garcia January 22, 2024

This year’s Middle School musical took audience members to a cutthroat local competition in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Led by director Christa Crewdson, the 8th-graders put on a creative take on a classic youth contest.

The 25th iteration of the Bee features a cast of characters with defining upbringings, from the homeschooled Coneybear (John Egan) to the youngest and most politically aware speller Schwartzy (Leah Cooper), each speller tries their best to vie for the title. The show follows the efforts of Olive (Vivian Cain-Weingram), a timid girl who makes her way to the contest without her parents’ support.

Olive bonds with William Barfee (Mathias Egan), an awkward boy who spells using his ‘magic foot’ through their mutual love of knowledge and science. Throughout the event, each speller faces trials and tribulations, all while wrestling with their doubts and outside pressures. 

Complete with singing, dancing, and of course, complex words, the students put on a compelling story of growth and friendship, all while competing in a spelling bee.

Click here for the full program.