Upper School Reimagines Shakespeare in Love

By Hannah Garcia November 20, 2023

Opening what is sure to be another show-stopping year in the Lindberg-Serries Theater, Upper School students performed Lee Hall’s stage adaptation of Shakespeare in Love. The production follows a young William Shakespeare (Hale McGivern ’25) as he struggles to meet a deadline and find inspiration for his latest play–that is until the brilliant and enthralling Viola (Presley Jacobson ’25) enters his life. 

Steeped in politics and societal roles, Viola juggles masquerading as a man to join the players while navigating her betrothal to Lord Wessex (Laith Diouri ’25) and burgeoning love for Shakespeare. Meanwhile, the brilliant playwright struggles to please investors but finds creative inspiration through his muse. In a classic comedic tragedy, mirroring the penning of Romeo and Juliet, all is not fair in love and politics in this fictional tale of the brilliant English playwright. 

In a humorous take on the politics and creation of one of the world’s most notable plays, McGivern and the whole cast strike a perfect balance between drama and comedy to create a modern tribute to Shakespeare that entertains an audience of all ages. 

A special thank you to Ross MacDonald, Adam Horwath, and Louise Brown for their tireless efforts to make this production a reality.