Sixth-Graders Teach Audiences to “Just Keep Swimming” in Spring Musical

By Hannah Garcia April 25, 2024

Pixar’s Finding Nemo was an immediate hit when it premiered in 2003, and this year’s 6th-grade musical Finding Nemo JR. is no different. Directed by Lower School drama teacher Jenny Lifson and grades 3-6 music teacher Cheryl Freeze, students took the audience on a deep-sea adventure full of friendship and fun.

The musical follows an anxious father clownfish Marlin, and his quest to find his only son Nemo after the young fish succumbs to his wanderlust and is captured and taken to Sydney, Australia. At the aquarium, Nemo enlists the help of fellow tankmates to return to the ocean. Meanwhile, with the help of a cast of supporting characters including two upbeat blue tang fishes named Dory and Corey, Marlin braves the great blue sea to rescue his son. 

Students captured the optimistic spirit and tender family moments against the colorful backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef. Thank you to directors Jenny Lifson and Cheryl Freeze and scenic designers Emily Discenza and Danica Arimany for making this production come to fruition.