Congratulations to the 2024 Winners of the John B. Petropoulos Exhibition Award

By Hannah Garcia April 4, 2024

Art teachers nominate students from the numerous studio arts programs every year to win the John B. Petropoulos Exhibition Award. Originally conceived as a visual arts competition by Peter Gergely ’72 and Andre Balazs ’75, both former students of beloved ceramics teacher John Petropoulous (1926-1982), the prize has evolved to encompass more facets of art education into one gallery. 

Students chosen for this honor create original work, have high-quality craftsmanship, and follow a personal vision. Their part in the display represents a mini-retrospective of their time at the Upper School.

After the exhibit closes on April 17th, students can donate their artwork to the school as a loan or permanent gift that the school will hang across the campus. Permanently donated displays will rotate for at least 6 years, after which photographs of the pieces will join former winners in the archives, giving them a spot in BB&N history. 

Congratulations to the following seniors on their accomplishments!

Architecture: Andre Jiang

Ceramics: Niels Cohen, Charlotte Trodden, Henry Rome, Logan Park, Maddie Gaynor, and Maddie Song

Film: Avi Nagin

Painting: Geneva Burkitt

Photography: Keira Hagerty and Mika Higgins

Woodworking and 3D Design: Lucas Sabatini and Henry Kirk