Fifth-Graders Present Classic Fairytales in "Story Stew"

By Hannah Garcia March 11, 2024

The annual 5th-grade plays at the Lower School featured a smattering of fairytales joining for one story in 5M’s and 5DR’s combined “Story Stew.” Students stepped effortlessly into the land of fables, delighting the BB&N community.

5DR’s production introduces the story of a family with many children from various tales such as Hansel and Gretel and Jack and Jill. Disaster strikes when they run out of food and the big bad wolf accidentally blows down their house. 

 In response, each child tries to solve their problem. The first class shows the story of how Jack and Little Red Riding Hood try to solve the conundrum. The second class then picks up the story, following Jack and Jill while Hansel and Gretel tussle with a witch. Like all good fairytales, as the saying goes: “and they all lived happily ever after.”

Thank you to Drama and Movement Jenny Lifson for her tireless work directing the show, as well as Facilities Manager Tony Arruda, and Technology Support Christian Lessage for their help in making sure the production ran smoothly.