Third-Grade Students Engage in Disability Education

By Hannah Garcia April 1, 2024

Located in the illustrious city of Cambridge, BB&N often engages with neighboring organizations to enrich students in hands-on community learning. Last week 3rd-grade students invited the local Bionic Project to collaborate and educate the grade on equity and dismantling disability bias. 

Founded in 2018 by Will Borden, the Bionic Project aims to build a more inclusive world through education, storytelling, and sports. Project educators Jovan Brooker and Nico Calabria talked with students about messages in the media, person-first language around disabilities, adaptive technologies, ADA regulations, and compliance. Following the discussion, students participated in an adaptive soccer clinic where they experienced playing amputee soccer. 

Equity education is multi-faceted and engaging with a local community partner was a tremendous opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an alternative way to experience the world. Thank you to the Bionic Project for taking the time to connect with students and add a personal touch to their learning.