GSA Celebrates the First Day of No Silence With Harvard Athlete

By Hannah Garcia April 18, 2024

The National Day of Silence stood for almost 30 years as a way for students to symbolize the impact of homophobia and bullying. This year, GLSEN–the organization that started the movement– declared a Day of (NO) Silence to encourage students to take action and share their stories, and the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) led the charge at BB&N by framing the day with Harvard soccer player Gabby DelPico.

When DelPico joined the Harvard Women’s Soccer team in 2019, she was the first openly queer player on the team. Today, thanks in part to her efforts in creating and spearheading Harvard Athlete Ally, half of the team is out and living their authentic lives. In her remarks to the BB&N community, Gabby emphasized the importance of having these conversations to build an environment where students can express themselves. 

The work the GSA does at the Upper School creates a safe space for students to be themselves while encouraging allyship and community members’ support. Inviting the Harvard trailblazer to speak was the ideal way to frame the Day of No Silence and unite the community.