Braving the Chill at the Lower School—For Science!

By BB&N February 6, 2023

The coldest day of the year couldn’t stop Family Science Saturday at the Lower School, students and parents alike gathered to complete experiments and challenges. The theme of this event was “Under Construction,” and included two newspaper challenges, domino creations, designing and assembling helicopters with Upper School students, and decorating containers to bring their reusable utensils to school every day. 

The first newspaper challenge was to build as tall of a freestanding structure as possible, but with only 2 sheets of newspaper and 12 inches of tape! The second paper project was to build a tower that could hold the weight of a book, only using 10 sheets of newspaper and 18 inches of tape. Students got to flex both their creative and critical thinking muscles to tackle these challenges. The next Science Saturday falls in April when the theme will focus on celebrating Earth Day. 

Click here for a gallery from the event.