The Class of 2030 Bids Farewell to the Lower School

By Hannah Garcia June 5, 2024

Gathering together for their last day as sixth graders, the Class of 2030 celebrated the end of their tenure at the Lower School at this year’s closing ceremony. Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price started the event by highlighting the incredible work students did throughout the year that they shared with the community at last month’s Celebration of Learning. She noted that “this was not surface work—this was work that pushed you and your thinking—exactly what we value here at BB&N.”        

The soon-to-be seventh graders elected three student speakers, Charlie Weigold, Evie Varghese, and Riya Shah to share their thoughts about their time on the Lower School Campus. Echoing Dr. Price’s themes of kindness and curiosity, each emphasized that no matter how long they’ve been at BB&N, either since September or 8 years, the compassion and community found at Buckingham Place creates a special bond. Evie said it best in her original poem to honor the school, “our heads will always be held high knowing we have each other’s backs, because of you, BB&N.”

After processing to collect their hard-earned certificates, students graced the stage one last time with a song from Nemo Jr. about growing and exploring new things, “Big Blue World.” Certificates in hand, the 60 now former sixth graders joyfully ran through a tunnel of celebrating teachers to join their families on the lawn and conclude their time at the Lower School.