Lower School Shares Upbeat Messages at Spring Concert

By Hannah Garcia May 13, 2024

The final music performances of the year always bring bittersweet feelings. Last week grades 3-5 and B-2 performed the music they worked all spring semester preparing in the gym, including original compositions that praised the BB&N community.

A full orchestra kicked off the celebration, followed by a diverse musical lineup of instruments, voices, and talent. Fifth-grade students set the tone with a ukulele rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles and “Glory” by John Legend and Common. The third-graders then performed traditional Mexican and Haitian songs, “Des Colores” and “Fey-O,” respectively. Finally, fourth-graders finished the concert with “Give Us Hope” and a rocking rendition of OneRepbulic’s “Counting Stars.”

At the end of the week, the Beginners through second-graders took the stage with a variety of contemporary and traditional songs. The Beginners started with an original composition about rocket ships by three third–graders, Sara Zur, and Cheryl Freeze, inspired by their year-long work on the subject. After performing a song about sunflowers, complete with props, the Beginners gave way to the kindergarteners, who played songs about fireflies and having fun. 

First-graders continued the upbeat vibes with a unique rap song about our amazing BB&N community, praising key Lower School figures such as Nurse K., Sharon Cumberbatch, and Beth Brown. After singing about kindness in “Shine,” the first graders left the stage to welcome the final act. The second-graders closed out the concert with two traditional songs, one Celtic tune on the recorder and a Ukrainian lullaby with the accompaniment of a cello, guitar, and violin. 

Thank you to music teachers Cheryl Freeze and Sara Zur for their dedication and work crafting these beautiful performances that connected with the content students learned all year long.