BB&N Announces Junior Profile Winners

September 20, 2023

Four BB&N seniors have received top honors in the annual Junior Profile Contest, the final event in the cornerstone English project for all eleventh-graders. Deliberating over the summer, a panel of judges—writers and editors outside of BB&N—has awarded first prize to Alexandra Kluzak ’24, second prize to Jack Moskow ’24, and two honorable-mention prizes to Isabella Zhu ’24  and Shane McCauley ’24.   

The judges saluted this year’s finalists “for their fresh perspectives on post-pandemic America. In big and small ways, the writers cast an observant eye on the many frictions in our community, through examinations of class clashes, racial injustices, and language differences, but also the enduring questions at the heart of our humanity, through explorations of the love we bestow on our pets and how we honor those who have died.”

For over 35 years, the Junior Profile project has challenged students to harness their practiced skills in analytical thinking and writing about literature and apply them to a subject beyond the classroom walls. Over the course of six spring weeks, through several drafts, and with the ongoing feedback of their teachers, they produce an 8-to-10-paged New Yorker-style profile about the subject’s life work or a significant focus in that person’s life. 

Among the professions depicted in this year’s pool of outstanding profiles are a barn manager, a veterinarian, an ultimate-frisbee coach, a barber, a funeral director, a barbecue chef, a glassblower, a dog walker, and a preschool teacher, and an intuitive animal communicator.

Click below for a synopsis of the winning pieces.

First Prize

Second Prize

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention