Student Support

Academic Support

There are many avenues of academic support, beginning with teachers and continuing through advisors, Grade Deans, the Academic Dean, and the Director of the Upper School. Classroom teachers and advisors help students acquire study skills. Underlining, note-taking, organizing, memorizing, test-taking, and study strategies are presented in terms of specific course needs. The Director of Psychological and Learning Support Services and two academic skills coordinators are available to provide supplementary academic help like tutoring and organizational skills support. Student peer tutors are also available.


Each student has a faculty advisor. A student’s advisor is a good person to start with to answer any questions. If he or she cannot help or if parents need more specialized help, there are many other sources. Please feel free to call teachers, department heads,grade deans, or administrators with your questions.

Nurse’s Office

The School Nurse’s office is located on the ground floor of the Main Building.

School Counselor

The Counseling Office is located on the ground floor of the Main Building near the Health Office in Room 174. Mr. Doug Neuman and Ms. Sarah Vollman, Upper School Counselors, welcome visits and are available to speak with students about personal, family, social, or school concerns. Students may drop in or schedule an appointment. While conversations are kept confidential, disclosures may be warranted if the health or well-being of a student is in question. Mr. Neuman and Ms. Vollman, also consult with administrators, teachers, advisors and parents around individual student as well as general adolescent topics and concerns.

Peer Counselors

Peer Counselors are students in grades 11 & 12 who have been selected to offer support, advice or information for their peers. They meet twice weekly as a class for planning and training (in listening and helping skills), post regular “toilet talks” with information on a range of adolescent topics, and offer workshops to lower school and middle school students. While most of the individual support offered by peer counselors happens informally, appointments can be scheduled by contacting a peer counselor directly or by notifying Mr. Doug Neuman or Ms. Sarah Vollman, Upper School Counselors.

Upper School Calendar

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