Upper SchooL

Senior Spring Project

Senior Spring Project (SSP) is a signature BB&N program and a capstone to a senior’s education.

Students design their own experience, fueled by their interests and emerging passions. While students have the freedom to choose activities to complete their final trimester, the structure provided by the four SSP pillars allows every senior to create a program that shares the same central values: Intellectual Engagement, Community Engagement, Wellness, and a New Experience.

Through planning and experiencing these projects, students learn how to set goals, structure their time, and manage their growth. SSP allows seniors to take risks, learn from any missteps, express creativity, practice autonomy, and find joy. As our seniors demonstrate principled engagement in their communities and the world, we all witness the BB&N mission in action. Some examples of seminars offered are: Beyond Our Echo Chambers: Understanding the Other, Cosmology & Quantum Mechanics, Esperanto, Joycean Explorations, and Logic Puzzles & Games.