Upper School Students Celebrate Community to Start Off Homecoming Weekend

By Hannah Garcia October 18, 2023

Upperclass students celebrated their community to kick off the start of Homecoming Weekend with the annual “Knighting Ceremony.” Conceived as a way to welcome ninth graders to the Upper School, the seniors secretly plan a day to induct the students into their spirit teams with the whole school in attendance. This year’s festivities fell before Homecoming Weekend and an all-school pep rally, the first in over a decade. 

While there are always “Knight” puns galore at BB&N, the Knighting Ceremony is literal–the senior class presidents take plastic swords and knight all the new students to induct them into their color team for the rest of their time at the school. After running through a guard of honor, the students join their new cohort and often cover themselves in colorful face paint to celebrate. 

Following the high-energy ceremony, representatives from each team competed to discover which team was the best at tug-of-war. This year the green team claimed victory over the gold team in an intense finale. 

School spirit was at an all-time high as students exited the NAC, making for a perfect start to a busy BB&N weekend.