Cassie '24

By BB&N October 19, 2022

Why did you choose BB&N? And why do you love giving tours?

I came from a large public school, and I chose BB&N because it offered smaller classes with much better opportunities to grow strong student-teacher relationships. I love giving tours as they are a way to showcase our community and being given the opportunity to introduce prospective families to our spaces is an incredible experience.

What activities are you involved in?

I work on the BB&N social media team to help facilitate the schoolwide Instagram (@bbnadmissions and @bbnschool), and I am also a part of the Boston-Covid Tutoring social media team that works on multiple social media platforms. I’m also on the Varsity Field Hockey team and participate in Advanced Ceramics. 

What BB&N tradition do you love the most?

I really enjoy the Thanksgiving Assembly. Each year we have a faculty speaker, and last year specifically, our speaker had the most amazing and moving speech. It received a standing ovation and brought many, including me, to tears. I truly look forward to the spectacular speeches each year.

What do Honor, Scholarship, and Kindness mean to you?

In a nutshell, honor, scholarship, and kindness embodies how we learn in the classroom. It’s how we collaborate respectively with our peers and understand that we all have varied experiences that are reflected in conversation and sharing our ideas.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is any place with comfortable couches/chairs. They are mostly in Renaissance Hall where there is little foot traffic, so I’m able to get work done or hang out with friends. 

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

I’m most looking forward to the Junior Prom. As our high school experience has been modified due to the pandemic, I’m excited to see my grade bond and have fun outside of school.