BB&N Introduces Hearty New Food Options for Students at the NAC

December 1, 2023

In response to the need to keep students well-fed and nourished as they participate in after-school activities, the school has welcomed a new vending machine to the Nicholas Athletic Center (NAC) that functions like a cafe behind glass. The brand-new machine serves snack-packs, six different types of sandwiches, berries, hummus, greek yogurt, and more. The goal of BB&N Dining is to strike a balance between healthy and tasty with these new options. The new machine is now the fifth in operation at the NAC, each with a diverse range of choices.

One student who frequents the NAC after school for sports remarked that the addition of the machine “is great, it gives me more options that hold me over until I get home.” For students looking for something more substantive and healthy than just a bag of chips, these new offerings are perfect for their after-school needs.

Check out a photo of the new vending machine below!

The new machine is now the fifth in operation at the NAC (2 mostly drink, 3 mostly food), creating a diverse range of overall choices. In addition to the new machine, offerings at the other machines include:
~Various chips, bagged snacks, fruit snacks
~Chocolate and/or yogurt covered pretzels and raisins
~Cliff Protein bars
~Pop tarts, cookies, fruit snacks
~ONE and other protein bars
~Various juices and protein shakes