teachers in training working on crafts.
teachers in training working on crafts.


Teacher Training Institute

Teacher Training Institute is a collaborative residency between BB&N and Lesley University.

This unique partnership connects theory with practice in a comprehensive manner. It includes courses and seminars held at both BB&N and Lesley University. In addition, associate teachers are immersed in daily, supervised teaching with experienced mentor teachers throughout the 12-month residency.

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BB&N offers three programs of study, each leading to full Massachusetts licensure and a Master’s in Education. The Moderate Disabilities programs are in collaboration with The Carroll School in Lincoln, MA.

  • Elementary Education: Grades 1 – 6
  • Moderate Disabilities: Pre K – Grade 8
  • Moderate Disabilities: Grades 5 – 12

Students are fully immersed in the classroom under the tutelage of an experienced master teacher, who is responsible for a grade or specific subject. By the end of the academic year, teachers-in-training have taught in virtually all homeroom disciplines (language arts, math, and social studies) and in two separate grade placements. They have also participated in curriculum design, created professional portfolios, joined in parent conferences and back to school nights, and written student assessments.

Graduates of the BB&N Teacher Training Institute teach in independent, charter and public school settings and are eligible for teacher licensure in approximately 40 states. They have excellent job placements upon graduation.

BB&N invites you to apply to the Teacher Training Institute. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited college or university, some prior experience working with children, and a commitment to working in teams. The connections between the faculty and students are at the heart of the school. Thus, we ask members of the community to be engaged learners, compassionate individuals, and productive citizens who live the school’s motto: “Honor, Scholarship, Kindness.”

Application Requirements:

  • To apply please use the Lesley online application process and submit all documents to Lesley University via the self-service portal. The application requirements include the initial application, a written personal statement, resume, 3 letters of recommendation (form and letter), and official transcripts.
  • In addition, a personal, on-campus or virtual interview at BB&N’s Lower School is required. You may schedule this interview at your convenience by contacting  Elaine McNeil-Girmai via email or phone at 617-800-2429. 

Once a candidate’s online application is complete, Lesley University will forward it to BB&N. If accepted at BB&N, a candidate will then be considered for acceptance at Lesley University. When a candidate is accepted by both institutions, a formal letter of admittance is issued.

Buckingham Browne & Nichols does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or ancestry, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, or any non-job related physical or mental disability. We welcome candidates who will increase our diversity.

Tuition for the Teacher Training Institute is divided between institutions:

BB&N: Tuition is $6,000. This is paid directly to BB&N and includes the Pre-Practicum and Practicum seminar and four additional courses for a total of 18 graduate credits. One half of the tuition is due September 1 and the remaining half is due December 1. 

Please note: If enrolled in a Moderate Disabilities program, the tuition at BB&N will be $1,650 due to the fact that students have their practicum and additional course work at The Carroll School where applicable costs would apply.

Lesley University: Tuition is $925/credit or $850/credit for online courses. Students take 19 credits during the 12 month program at Lesley University.

Financial Aid:

Lesley University’s Financial Aid office offers information on financial aid, loans and work-study opportunities. Buckingham Browne & Nichols has scholarships covering part of the BB&N tuition based on financial need as well as funding consideration for under-represented people in elementary education. The school is also able at times, to cover the cost of one or more courses at Lesley University. 

Please contact the program’s director, Elaine McNeil-Girmai, for more information.

Elaine McNeil-Girmai, Director

Teacher Training Institute

Buckingham Browne & Nichols

10 Buckingham Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617-800-2429

Fax: 617-492-2729


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