The School is dedicated to excellence in its educational programs and in personal character development. Fundamental to such excellence is an inclusive curriculum and a diverse community where members learn to live within and to appreciate and celebrate a rich variety of cultures. In addition, the School teaches students to recognize and address overt and subtle racism, as well as other inequities caused by class, gender, or religion, which exist in every community and throughout the world.

The School commits itself to narrowing the divisions that mistrust and estrangement have caused in society. To that end, the School expects its members to treat each other with basic kindness, respect, and equity, so that all who attend our school are aware of their own culture and have a respect for the cultural identities of others.

BB&N encourages clubs such as the Asian Students Group, Muslim Students Group, G.S.A. PRISM/Gender and Sexuality Group, Multicultural Students’ Alliance, FemCo, Brothers Seeking Academic Excellence(BSAE), Empower Group for GIrls of Color, Affinity Lunch Programs at Lower and MIddle School and others. Some activities and events hosted by BB&N include the Multicultural Student Alliance Dance and Parents for Racial Equity Program(LS). In the fall of 2007, the School held its first-ever One School-One World event, a marvelous all-campus multicultural festival that celebrated the depth, breadth and diversity of the BB&N community. Hundreds of BB&N students, families, and faculty enjoyed the event, which brought together the entire School community in a way that few events in recent memory have done.

The BB&N Parents’ Association and Office of Multicultural Services has also created several organizations at the request of parents that are dedicated to furthering multicultural initiatives at the School. These include MPA (Multicultural Parents Alliance), CGSA (Community Gender and Sexuality Straight ), and SAPA (South Asian Parents’ Alliance), the Asian and Asian America Parents Alliance and the newest group Spanish Speaking Parents Alliance.

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