Student Information

As a requirement for graduation, the Upper School asks each student to perform a minimum of 40 hours of community service, and write a personal essay that reflects on their experience. We ask that students choose sites according to their interests, but to be sure that they are working directly with people in need. For a complete list of requirements, please click here. It is recommended that students get prior approval for community service work from the US Community Service Coordinators.
Service Learning Coordinators

Ms. Meena Kaur (
Mr. Michael Chapman (

Please contact Ms. Kaur directly in Room 162 to submit any documentation.

Essay Prompt and Requirements:

Once you have completed your community service requirement, write a 500-word essay that describes the work you did, whether you enjoyed it, whether you would recommend it to other students, and what you learned from your experience. Please type your essay and turn it in to the community service department.

Forms: Policy & Student Required Forms

Sites: Examples of Service Sites