AS Policies

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Class Pick-Up

Parents must pick up children immediately following the end of each class or program in the designated classroom of the child's activity. Children will be released only to authorized guardians. Written notification must be provided if alternate arrangements are made, including if a child is permitted to walk home. Please respect the commitments of our instructors and arrive promptly for pick-up. Email us with any schedule changes at:

Late Fees

Ten minutes after the end of each class or program is considered late. Children waiting for late parents will be supervised in the After School Care Program regardless of the class or program they attend. As a result, families will be charged the daily rate for this service regardless of the amount of time the child spends in After School Care. Late pick up from After School Care may result in a late fee.


ASAP classes: A full refund, minus the $50 Registration fee per class, per child, will be granted for withdrawal requests submitted in writing prior to the second meeting.

After Care: A full refund, minus the Daily Rate ($45) per class, per child, will be granted for withdrawal requests submitted in writing prior to the second week/meeting. This fee will be withheld for any day or days that the child attended, or was scheduled to attend, the After Care Program prior to canceling registration.

All Programs: No refunds will be granted for requests made after the start of the second meeting. In addition, no transfer of fees will be allowed to any other program after the second class meeting.

Make-Up Classes

As classes will run the full length of each session, there will be no make-up classes unless deemed necessary by the instructor. An individual class may canceled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations will be brought to the attention of all participants as soon as possible.


A class may be canceled in its entirety due to lack of enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. In this case, a full refund will be granted to all participants including the registration fee. Of course, we make every effort to run classes to the best of our abilities. 


General BB&N policies will be in effect. Please ensure that your family emergency contact information is current and complete for each child.

Contact us:

Janine Cozier Cell Phone: 617-800-2484

Colleen O'Connor Cell Phone: 978-888-3444

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available on a limited basis. Aid will be granted for After School Programs at the same percentage rate as received for tuition with a minimum payment of $25 per class or program. Aid is available for all ASAP classes and all After Care Programs with the exception of After Care Daily Purchases.

All aid applicants should register for all desired programs online. On the final registration page (payment page), those families interested in aid should check "applying for aid" AND pay the registration fee of $25.00 per class/program for each child. The registration fee will be refunded or transferred if the family does not receive the aid package that they anticipated assuming notification via email prior to the end of the first week of classes for the semester.

Families will be notified of any aid awards prior to the start of the semester or within a reasonable time after the family completes their registration. Families will be required to make the final payment for all programs needed within 30 days of notfication of award status. All applicants will be required to pay a minimum of $25 toward any class/program regardless of the amount of aid the family is entitled to.

Employee Discount and Rates

All children of BB&N employees are eligible to receive After School Care at any time for no additional cost. Employees are required to pre-register their child/children for After School Care prior to dropping off at after school. No child will be admitted in the program without pre-registration. After School Care can be ordered via the online registration page at any time. There is no employee discount for ASAP classes at this time.

Non-Discrimination Policy

BB&N’s After School Programs do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, nationality, gender, orientation, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs, in its admissions, financial aid, or any policies governing its program.

Community Standards

All participants are required to conform to all school policies and community standards currently in effect. Disregard for these policies and/or standards may result in a child’s removal from the program either on a temporary basis or a permanent basis as determined by After School Program director. Minor infractions may result in a “warning” to both the child and the parent. Each warning is considered a “strike.” Three “strikes” is cause for removal from the class or program. Students in the Morse Building are escorted to their after school programs. Students in the Brick Building are required to be capable of walking themselves to their after school program without incedent.

Medical Concerns or Issues

Any/all medical issues regarding your child must be brought to the attention of the After School Programs director prior to enrollment in any class or program. All concerns and information must be in writing. All After School Programming follows BB&N School Health and Wellness Policies currently in affect and as stated in the School Handbook.