Nobel Prize Winner Visits Upper School Students

By Hannah Garcia February 26, 2024

Former BB&N parent and current chemistry Nobel Prize winner Moungi Bawendi returned to campus last week to speak to students through the Knights Masterclass club. The father of Mia Bawendi ’20, Dr. Bawendi earned the esteemed award for his revolutionary work with quantum dots. 

Dr. Bawendi captivated around 50 students, faculty, and staff while explaining a quantum dot and how he and his Ph.D. students used hot-injection synthesis to produce dots along the color spectrum that indicated their relative size. This breakthrough paved the way for new technologies including LEDs in lights and televisions. 

Thank you to the presidents of Knights Masterclass Finnian Wiegand ’25 and Kenneth Tsay ’25 for spearheading this event, and congratulations to Professor Bawendi on this honor.