Middle School Closing Ceremony

By BB&N June 15, 2023

Processing into the Nicholas Athletic Center on June 7th, BB&N’s Class of 2027 was all smiles for the ceremony that would celebrate their last day as eighth graders. 

Middle School Director Mary Dolbear opened the proceedings by noting the remarkable qualities of a class that persevered through COVID, and overcome so much in their time at Sparks Street. “This is a gifted group,” Dolbear said. “I am deeply proud of them for growing and coming together.” Dolbear also recognized Princess Adeoye, Harper Dubovik, John Reinfeld, Francisco Santos, and the late Cassidy Murray, five students selected as “Banner Students” for their consistent embodiment of the school’s motto. 

Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price also addressed the attendees pointing out how the Class of 2027 fully embraced this year’s school goal of holding kindness, grace, and understanding at the forefront. “These qualities will serve you well for the rest of your time as a student and frankly, for the rest of your time on this planet,” Price explained. “Keep showing kindness grace and understanding, I can’t wait to see what you accomplish over the next four years and beyond.”

Price was followed by an inspiring performance of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” sung by Princess Omojolaade Adeoye ’27 and Lindsay Suji Kwon ’27 whose impassioned harmonies captivated attendees and lent a special air to the ceremony.

Faculty speaker Jennifer Ridge, the Middle School language department head, delivered the keynote address for the day. Noting that she had arrived as a new faculty member the same year as the eighth graders arrived as sixth graders, Ridge felt gratitude at growing alongside them at BB&N and getting to know them so well. 

“Nothing lasts forever, not even your Crocs and socks era,” Ridge joked, before turning serious. “Your life is going to be punctuated by rites of passage and bittersweet moments. Like many of life’s great moments, these mixed emotions are proof that we invested time and energy in each other. If you’re doing it right, bittersweet is how you want it to be.”

Two student speakers, Quinn Reynolds, and Justin Hildebrandt, also spoke. In remarks both funny and sincere, each speaker recounted moments from their Middle School journey that resonated and taught them growth as a person. 

Once the speeches were finished, the only thing left was the presentation of certificates to officially mark the ceremony. As the beaming students came forward, one at a time, to accept the culmination of their Middle School career, parents and faculty applauded a class that is ready to move forward to great things. 

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