Mayor Siddiqui Visits BB&N to Celebrate Community

By BB&N April 10, 2023

           Through rain, shine, or even wind, BB&N knows how to kick off the final push until graduation with meaningful and enjoyable events. From a colorful celebration of Holi to a visit from the Mayor of Cambridge for Iftar, students, and families began the spring celebrating what makes their community special. 

            Following the end of spring break, the South Asian Parents Association (SAPA) hosted a Festival of Colors event to celebrate Holi, which fell on March 8th this year. The holiday originates from Hindu traditions in South Asia and honors the end of winter and the arrival of spring with a colorful and joyous festival. Participants throw gulal—which roughly translates to ‘rose powder’ in English—at each other, covering each reveler head-to-toe in bright colors. 

            This year the event featured not only the traditional colors associated with Holi, but music, dancing, henna, and samosas for the whole family. Thanks to the efforts of Charu Taneja, Panna Patel, and Prashanthi Krishna, this event was memorable for BB&N families and a joyous start to spring.

            Later in the week was a busy evening at the Upper School! The Latin American and Hispanic Families Association (LAHFA) put together a tasty gathering full of paella and music during their event, Noche Española. Families enjoyed the culinary creations of Chef Pedro Alarcon while an award-winning dancer showcased her range of skills. Students had a chance to connect over food from around Latin America and share their heritage with the school. Thank you to Chef Alarcon and LAHFA leaders for hosting a scrumptious and jovial celebration of culture. 

            On the same evening, Mayor Siddiqui of Cambridge collaborated with Amplify Muslim Voices (AMV) for an Iftar event in the Upper School chorale room. Iftar is the meal during Ramadan when those who observe the month-long holiday break their fast after sundown. The mayor spoke to attendees about her journey to office and discussed what being the first Muslim Mayor of Cambridge means to her. She emphasized the importance of community and uplifting each other’s voices. 

Following the mayor’s introduction, community members broke fast together and participated in prayer.  After the meal, Mayor Siddiqui answered questions from students about her job and identity, along with how they, as students, could support the BB&N community in fostering diverse voices. A special thank you to the mayor, her staff, Upper School Arabic teacher Amani Abu Shakra, and AMV president Aleeza R. ’25 for making this momentous event possible.

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