Impending Campus Projects at BB&N

BB&N’s strategic decisions on campus projects reflect our commitment to providing our students with a high-quality and comprehensive educational experience, ensuring a conducive environment for optimal learning.

Impending campus projects at BB&N

The Lower School Project

Upon completion of the Meeting House, Lower School (LS) students will attend assemblies in the new Meeting House, learn in the larger, high-tech classrooms in the modernized Brick Building filled with interactive areas beyond desks and a whiteboard, and exercise in the new gym.

Renovation of the Historic brick schoolhouse will aspire to maintain its historic relevance while allowing for renovations that allow for a 21st century learning experience and providing for innovation in the next 100 years of education.

Why The Lower School Project?

Accessibility– Significantly increases campus accessibility.
Pedagogy– Increases program space per student (currently at a significant deficit), but no significant increase in total students.
– Restores and renovates Brick as a state-of-the-art learning space for the next 100 years 
– Enables hot lunch on site for all students
– Maintains and enhances critical outdoor space
Sustainability–  Advances major climate goals, as the new building will be part of Living Building Challenge
Efficiency– Relocates “back operations” to the interior of campus (and off Craigie Street)
Community Sensitivity– Reorganizes campus with buildings at edge, buffering neighbors, and play in center
Existing Lower School Campus
Vision for Lower School Campus

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