Early Decision Application: Beginners

Applying Early Decision to Beginners at BB&N

The Admissions Office continually reviews its practices and policies to best serve our families and school community. With this in mind, we are offering an Early Decision application for Beginner applicants who are siblings of current BB&N students and/or children of BB&N employees. These applicants have always had priority in the admissions process; and  our hope is that the Early Decision option will allow families who are ready to commit to BB&N early, get a head start in planning for the year ahead.

Applicants to Beginners for the 2025-2026 school year must be 4 years old by September 1, 2025.

Please note that participating in the Early Decision process is not obligatory–families may choose to submit their applications with the regular admission pool on January 10, 2025. If a family is admitted in the Early Decision process, however, they are required to enroll their children by February 20, 2025. Early Decision applicants who are not admitted may roll their application into the regular pool while in consultation with the Admissions Office and considering other school options.

Early Decision Admissions Timeline

October 15, 2024: Parent/Guardian Information and Parent/Guardian Questionnaire in Veracross Application Portal due

November 23, 2024: Admissions Classroom Evaluation at BB&N Lower School

December 2, 2024: All remaining application requirements due (Transcripts/Progress Reports, Classroom Teacher Evaluation form, and Parent/Guardian Interview)

December 20, 2024: Admissions decisions released

January 6, 2025: Financial Aid applications due

February 1, 2025: Enrollment contracts and financial aid grants for current students and admitted Early Decision Beginners applicants released

February 20, 2025: Family enrollment decisions for current students and admitted Early Decision Beginners applicants due

How to Apply to BB&N

Complete our inquiry form to gain access to the Veracross admissions portal and send Sara Wahid an email indicating that you plan to submit an early decision application for your child.

Schedule a Parent/Guardian Interview, either in person (with an optional tour) or virtual. We encourage you to sign up early so you get your preferred date and time. Please do not use the scheduling link in the Veracross Admissions Portal. If you have trouble finding a convenient time, please reach out to Sara Wahid.

Please log in to your Veracross portal to access step by step instructions on how to complete all of our application requirements and forms.

Register for the in-person Admissions Classroom Evaluation the Lower School on November 23, 2024 through the Veracross Application Portal.  Applicants will experience an abbreviated (90 minute) classroom experience, including circle time, play with peers, and 1-1 activities with teachers.  Parents/Guardians will have coffee and conversation in the Lower School Pokross Room while they wait during the session.

All steps on the checklist in the Veracross Application Portal must be completed by December 2, 2024.

The financial aid application process runs concurrently but is administered separately from our Beginners Early Decision process. Financial aid applications for current BB&N families and applying faculty/staff families are due by January 6, 2025. Financial aid grant decisions for Early Decision applicants will be provided when re-enrollment contracts and grants are released on February 1, 2025. 

For information about how to apply for Financial Aid, please visit our Financial Aid webpage.

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carole Koza, Director of Admissions at the Lower School.

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