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Back to Boston
by Jude-Michel Poisson '24

Oftentimes people say, “Time stops for no one.” But, what if that’s not always true? What if time does pause, but you’re the only person who realizes it?

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With college just around the corner, I'm going back in time
by Tess Holland '23

As an eighteen-year-old senior in high school, I have recently found myself reverting back to old habits and activities, ones that I haven’t made time for in many years. It is inevitable that as we grow older, we have more and more commitments that fill our planners to the brim and stretch our to-do lists across our extra-long Post-it Notes, but this isn’t necessarily the way it should be. Far too many weekends over the past few years, I have sacrificed time spent with family and friends to work on a project or study for a test, valuable time I will never be able to get back.

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by Alisa Ishii '23

Now we all know that our childhood is the most formative stage of our life, but until this year I never realized just how formative my own has been. It’s not just when black became my favorite color or when I learned that I despise eggplant or that stuffed animals are just not for me--those first 13 years of my life have unequivocally made me who I am today, and I can finally see so many of the dots connected.

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What does it mean to be authentic?
Natalie Resnick '24

I’ve found that I’m so connected with other people, through their emotions, experiences, opinions, even little catchphrases. Every conversation I have with a new person is like unlocking a new character in myself. And as I spend more time with a friend who uses their own catchphrase, I’ll start to unconsciously weave it into my language, too. When I sit down next to someone who's just had the best day, I walk away looking at the world with a secret smile. If someone’s energy is down, it’ll drag me under with them. It’s like I can’t experience the world without taking bits from everyone around me.

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My semester in France
Jude-Michel Poisson

As some might know, I am currently abroad in Rennes, France, which is about a 90-minute train ride from Paris. During my stay, I have been fully immersed in all aspects of the life of a French high school student ranging from living with my host family who I adore, to eating in the cafeteria of the French high school, to even taking the majority of my classes in French. My time here has really opened my eyes to the experiences of others from different cultures and how they might intertwine with those I deem typical in my day-to-day life.

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