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Blog Posts

Looking back as a Lifer
Alisa Ishii '23

Fifteen years ago, I made a life-altering decision. I chose BB&N. After many visits, interviews—and, thankfully, acceptances--my parents allowed me to decide where I would go to school. And I picked here! Even after fourteen years of being a knight, I’m not quite sure what made my four-year-old self pick this school out of the many incredible institutions in the area, but I can truly say that I would never trade my experiences here for anything.

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Seeing a neighborhood change
Shane McCauley '24

Growing up in South Boston, I always felt my neighborhood was totally different from where my BB&N friends lived. When I’d visit their suburban houses, I’d experience some amount of culture shock at the neatness of their often country-club-filled, cookie-cutter neighborhoods. However, I’ve begun to recognize that Southie has changed since I was younger. Realizing this as my junior year comes to a close has served as a surprising reminder of the passage of time.

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Climbing high and giving back
by Avery Rubins '23

As most members of the Class of 2023 know, I am a competitive rock climber and have been for almost all my life. I began climbing in third grade when I joined the afterschool program at MetroRock Climbing Centers in Everett, and I immediately fell in love with the sport and proceeded to make it my entire personality. I was obsessed with the rainbow-colored holds, the many staff-owed dogs roaming around the gym, and the idea that using my own volition, I could push myself to climb as high as possible.

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