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Moving beyond the molecular
Sophie Chadha '21

My parents were really surprised when I signed up for Astronomy 105 as one of my courses at Cornell, where I stayed for seven weeks this past summer. I’ve been interested in science for as long as I can remember and, as I’ve grown up, that curiosity has become more focused on biology, which in turn has branched off into genetics, biomimetics, and especially neuroscience. I’m used to dealing with things on a molecular level and I’m comfortable looking through microscopes, not telescopes.

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The Road to HOCR55
Marie Quintanar '21

Upon my arrival at the boathouse, my coach informed us that we would only have four rowers and one coxswain on the team that year. My teammates and I exchanged mixed glances; some excited, as this meant that all of us would be racing in the boat this year, and some concerned, as this meant we had no alternates and all of the pressure would be on us.

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The value of unpaid internships
By Andrew Zhao ‘21

On my first day, Ray handed me an annual report analysis and left to run meetings. Within minutes, my inability to read the Chinese characters, which included investment terms far more advanced than I used in daily conversation, brought nothing but frustration as I skimmed over the article, only understanding bits and pieces. 

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