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Blog Posts

The pandemic pause button
Marie Quintanar '21

At first, I didn't want to believe that my life as I knew it could change. This was my junior year, and I had AP exams, finals, a varsity crew season, and prom to look forward to. The prospect of any of those things being interrupted was unsettling for me. 

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My Season Off
Nikhil Datta '21

Sometimes taking a step back has helped me with stress management and my large workload. With this in mind, I took the winter season off from sports. Taking a season off from sports this past winter, however, surprisingly, didn't work out the way I thought it would.

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The Waste
Kaia Patterson ‘23

As a child, I didn't believe in boundaries. I hugged, played, and laughed with whoever I wanted to. I wasn't scared of the world--a place that seemed to contain endless possibilities. As I got older, however, the world advanced, and with it, grew my new perspective on the world, and specifically, on Jamaica. 

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Letting go during the college process
By Amy Selinger, Director of College Counseling

"The college process is like the terrible twos all over again," a parent of a long-ago senior once told me. She said that parenting a teenager often feels as if one has been thrust back into the heady days of toddlerhood. The push-pull of dependent independence from a teenager, combined with growth spurts, a driver's license, and some gentle mood shifts can make for some serious flashbacks to the days of "no!" and "I can do it myself!"

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Konnichiwa! Studying Japanese through the Global Online Academy
Chloe Fandetti '21

When I told my friends that I voluntarily added an extra academic class to my schedule, they thought I was crazy. Junior year is said to be one of the most difficult, and BB&N classes are already demanding as it is. Despite that, I enrolled in a Japanese language and culture class through the Global Online Academy with 19 other students from across the world.

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