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Stopping stress as a cultural norm
By Lindsay B. Jernigan, Ph.D. ‘91

We live in a culture that normalizes, even pedestalizes, stress. Many of us are chronically busy, tired, and stretched too thin, and often we see this is a mark of our importance. We are constantly hustling to meet expectations and deadlines, without feeling we have the option to say no--often without even stopping to notice we might want to say no. We are toiling away to earn respect, money, As, promotions, admissions, and a seat at the table. Expectations seem to get higher and higher as we find new ways to maximize our time and productivity.

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Explore something new, stat!
Darius Sinha '24

"What do we do, doctors?!" What to do, what to do... Give a medication? An oxygen mask? MRI?

Over the summer I took a virtual course at Harvard Medical School designed to introduce high school students to the world of medicine. Human sciences have fascinated me since I was young and the course offered me a way to try out emergency medicine in a low-stakes environment with actors for patients.

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It's easy to brighten someone's day
by Tess Holland '23

Although it is easy to get caught up in your own world during the busy and stressful school year, the ten seconds it takes to smile and say Good morning! while passing someone in the hall is so worth it. Trust me. I learned this lesson this summer at work when I was greeted with enthusiasm and sincerity by all ten of my coworkers every morning.

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Being back at school takes some adjustment
by Beyoncé Hector

Starting a new school year can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. The new worries and fears can overpower the feelings of joy, but it’s our job as students to stay on track and focus on our goals and balance out everything. Though, that can be very difficult. With our busy schedules at school and sports, there’s not much time to relax and spend time on yourself.

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