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On and Off Campus, BB&N's weekly blog, features contributions by members of the BB&N community, including the student writing panel, current and past faculty, and alumni/ae.

We welcome BB&N community members to submit posts of 300-700 words for consideration. Longer submissions may be considered under exceptional circumstances. Please contact the editors for more details:

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Blog Posts

Earth to Seniors
Nicholas Kolbas '20

So what can we do instead? It’s impossible to fully commit to each of the countless activist movements promoting a worthy cause. In that way, we become desensitized, and our will to take a moral stand is spread thin across every issue. My conviction is that there is opportunity for leadership in every path of life.

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Living Life as a Twin
Jayden Personnat ‘21

The next twin hardships are the questions. Do you know what your twin is thinking? Which one is older? Are you telepathic? What is it like being a twin? Are you twins? I acknowledge the interrogators' curiosity, but after sixteen years of hearing the same questions, I have grown tired of them and have developed a little annoyance.

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