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The importance of mentorship
By Tess Holland '23

Although I had my doubts when he left for the evening, the next day he came back, followed by the day after that, and the day after that. The little boy ended up embracing and loving baysail, which gave him confidence in the water, always asking to steer the boat and catch the mooring.

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Breath is Life: The Work of a Pulmonologist During COVID-19
By Dr. Michael J Stephen ‘91

My career is centered around the miracle that is our lungs, and their daily struggle to bring in oxygen, while keeping everything else out. The lungs are the only major organ in constant communication with the atmosphere, and it makes their job more difficult. We've understood their importance for centuries, with the Hebrew word ruach and the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit—both basically embodiments that breath is equivalent to life. In Eastern religions this is prana in India, and Chi in China. Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as the Buddha, had it right when he said in the 5th century BCE that a dedicated focus on the breath is the only path to nirvana.

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Stillness is okay, too
Mary Randolph '22

I’ve always been a believer in hope; in signs that things will get better. I wish on eyelashes and bright stars and lucky numbers. I worship crossed fingers and birthday candles. I have a favorite weather, a favorite street in Boston, and a favorite line in a book, which all fill me with childlike giddiness. I have always lived in little excitements, self-awarded gold stars, and optimistic superstitions. I have always lived in the things I can look forward to.

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When universes collide
Sophie Chadha '21

When most little kids say they want to be an astronaut, they usually aren't thinking about the book they could write when they get back to Earth. But that was precisely my first thought about potentially voyaging into the great unknown of space.

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