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Ikigai → finding value through the little things
by Alisa Ishii '23

What is the reason you get up each morning? What brings value to your life?

Within Japanese philosophy, the answer to those questions is called your ikigai. Ikigai directly translates to reason to live–"iki" translating to live and "gai" translating to reason. It is also often translated to "reason to get up each morning." For some people, their own children are their ikigai, but it doesn't necessarily have to be something of that magnitude. For me, good food and good friends are my ikigai. The philosophy is simply that through small things everyday, your life can have greater value.

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Cooking away the Pandemic Blues
by Darius Sinha '24

Some of my favorite memories are of traveling to Greece with my BB&N friends in 7th grade, touring the different cities, and, especially, trying different foods at night. With the pandemic limiting international travel for safety reasons, those lucky enough to travel have not been able to go to different places to experience different cultures. One of the ways I have tried to get some semblance of different cultures without boarding a plane has been through engaging in varied cooking adventures, giving myself the illusion of sampling various cuisines of distant cultures.

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Reading as relief
by Shane McCauley '24

This spring, I began reading for pleasure again for the first time since fifth grade. What started out with picking up Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows on a whim after enjoying its Netflix adaptation, Shadow and Bone, blossomed into reading over fifty books. And in a year that has been particularly hard for me personally and hard for the outside world too, reading has provided a much-needed form of escapism.

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The dangerous world of TikTok
Annie Stockwell '22

It's the truth; I, a member of Gen Z, do not have TikTok. I know, I know, how could this possibly be true that a teenager would be able to function without the app? However, I have been able to manage--even through the aches and pains of standing on the sidelines while my friends do the renegade on a tiny screen.

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