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Finding a foothold in fiction through verse
Jack Haining '22

I have never been able to read the same continuous text for long periods of time. It is not that I don't like to read; I love reading, but I find it endlessly easier to read news articles, or shorter pieces of non-fiction than a lengthy novel or text. At the time in which most other kids were knocking back one Harry Potter book after the next, or devouring The Hunger Games, or plowing through The Lord of the Rings, I was giving up on novels after the first few pages.

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Learning about history through Mary Poppins
Simru Sonmez-Erbil '20

As rehearsals for Mary Poppins continue, the cast has truly entered the world and time period of the musical.  
Mr. MacDonald sent the entire cast links to photos and videos from the Edwardian period—the era in which Mary Poppins is set. The images showed dapper gents in waistcoats and ascots, and elegant women in corsets and embellished dresses, all with excellent posture. We were encouraged to compare those images to the figures we saw milling about in the videos—people of all different classes and backgrounds.

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Our one click world
Nicholas Kolbas '20

Most of the time, I try to avoid the consumerist pitfall this personalized marketing attempts to establish. However, advertising sometimes wins me over. Today, I succumb and take the link to a particularly comfortable-looking flannel shirt (it has a subtle, earth-toned, plaid pattern that aligns well with my personal style). After reminding myself that I haven't bought new clothes in a while and that I deserve a little something to look forward to, I select "buy with one click." There's no harm in a little self-indulgence, right? Well.

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Role Models since Bivouac
Marie Quintanar '21

In addition to having a detailed walk-through of the college process, I witnessed my friends becoming the School’s leaders. I was proud to have my friends as my sport’s captains, and watched them lead our teams to victories, even as they navigated college recruiting. In the arts, I cheered them on as they secured the play’s lead roles, were chosen as soloists in Chorale, and performed the “Senior Quintet” at Homecoming.

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