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Financial Aid FAQs

Financial aid grants are awarded based on a family’s demonstrated need. BB&N uses information collected on the Clarity application, supplemental tax documentation, and a deep understanding of each family’s individual financial circumstances in order to calculate each grant. Items such as how many household members exist, income, assets, expenses, and liabilities are all taken into account in our calculations.

While the admissions and financial aid application processes are separate but concurrent, admissions decisions are ultimately “need aware”. This allows BB&N the opportunity to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need for each student we admit. All initial reviews and discussions around an applicant’s file are carried out without taking into account a family’s individual ability to pay. Only at the end does the “need aware” aspect of the process play a role.

BB&N requires complete financial information from both custodial and non-custodial parents, with each parent submitting an application on the Clarity platform and supporting tax documentation. This information is collected in an attempt to determine the ability of each parent to financially support their child’s education. If a parent does not play a role in the life of the child, BB&N can waive the non-custodial parent information upon confirmation of this.

In these situations, all adults in both households must provide information on the Clarity application. We understand that in households such as these there are varying levels of responsibilities to multiple family members and we make every effort to respect this. Our process considers household information holistically to determine final tuition grants.

BB&N does not offer any talent scholarships or merit awards. All tuition grants are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need. Since financial aid is awarded annually, families must reapply each academic year.

Financial Aid also offers financial assistance to students for additional programming/expenses that are not included in the core tuition fee. The amount of aid provided is proportional to the tuition discount awarded. This type of support includes:

  • BB&N bus transportation to and from school
  • Technology/laptops (grades 7-12)
  • School-sponsored trips
  • BB&N after school programs
  • School recommended tutoring
  • BB&N summer camp

While individual admissions applications are needed for each child, only one application per household is sufficient for a financial aid application.

Families that start at BB&N without receiving financial aid, are not eligible to apply for aid unless there is a qualifying change in family financial circumstances. Changes in circumstances that could qualify for new financial aid or an update to an existing financial aid grant include: 

  1. Serious illness
  2. Sudden and significant salary changes
  3. New/different tuitions
  4. Change in family size

All changes are reviewed in the context of individual circumstances and are subject to approval by the Director of Financial Aid and Director of Enrollment Management.