International Applicants


BB&N is fortunate to have students and families from all corners of the globe as part of our community, enriching our campuses with their many different perspectives and traditions. If you currently reside outside of the United States and are considering applying to BB&N, please note we no longer issue I-20's to new applicants. Please read and review the FAQ section below to make sure that you meet the School’s requirements for international students.

Frequently Asked Questions:



What are the residential requirements? Do you have dorms or offer a host family program?

As a day school, we do not provide housing or make residential arrangements for students. Because we see education as a partnership between school and family, students must live with at least one parent in order to attend BB&N.

Do you offer any ESL (English as a second language) support?

No. Our expectation is that English is read and spoken fluently by all our students, and, consequently, we do not accept any testing of English as a non-primary language.

Do you accept TOEFL, SLEP, or other testing when English is not your primary language?

No. Because BB&N does not provide ESL support and students must be proficient with reading and writing English when enrolling, BB&N uses only English based admission assessments.

Does the school issue student visas?

No, the School no longer issues the I-20 student visa to new applicants.

Does the student need to tour and interview in person to be considered for admission?

While we feel strongly that students and their families should visit the campus of their child’s future school, we understand that traveling while the admission office is open is not always feasible. We are happy to set up Skype interviews for any students applying to our Middle and Upper Schools, but we do require in-person admission assessments for children applying to our Lower School since this evaluation includes a social component. Please contact the appropriate campus admission office to set up an appointment.

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Entry Grades at BB&N

~Beginners (32 spaces)
~Kindergarten (approx. 8 spaces)
~6th grade (approx. 17 spaces)
~7th Grade (approx. 25 spaces)
~8th Grade (approx. 10 spaces)
~9th Grade (approx. 45 spaces)
~Other Grades (spaces sometimes open)