Global Online Academy

BB&N is a member of Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of over 60 leading independent schools throughout the U.S. and abroad that offer our students the opportunity to learn alongside peers across the country as well as the world.

"Schools offering new and different ways of learning is becoming more prevalent in the world today. For our students to have access to interesting, engaging, online courses added on top of our current curriculum is really appealing."
~ Geoff Theobald, Upper School Director


The mission of Global Online Academy is to replicate in online classrooms the intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching that are hallmarks of its member schools; to foster new and effective ways, through best practices in online education, for students to learn; and to promote students’ global awareness and understanding by creating truly diverse, worldwide, online schoolroom communities.

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Some characteristics that make GOA particularly attractive to a school such as ours are the small class sizes (maximum of 18 students per class), the high academic standards of the partner schools, and the fact that all courses are taught by faculty at these partner schools. Students enrolled in GOA courses will combine asynchronous, independent work with frequent opportunities for collaboration with classmates as well as real-time, electronic interaction with their teacher. Weekly check-ins will also occur on our campus with faculty member Lizanne Moynihan, who will serve as BB&N's GOA site coordinator.

Interested BB&N juniors and seniors have the opportunity each year to consider enrolling in GOA courses in science or history/social sciences. It's an opportunity which might especially be appealing for students who are passionate about history or science and who are looking for a challenging, interesting sixth course that will place them among a group of equally curious and motivated learners across the United States and the world.

"Regularly exchanging ideas about teaching and learning with educators from the other GOA member schools who are based across the country and globe is a highlight of my work. We are all deeply committed to making our classrooms (whether at our home school or online) enriching and dynamic in both content and execution, so discussing educational trends, perspectives, and assessment practices from a variety of vantage points is an unparalleled professional development opportunity which positively impacts my teaching at BB&N each day."

Leah Cataldo, Upper School Science Teacher


CONTACT: Stacey Spring, GOA Site Director

Student Testimonials

"I think being able to meet people across all places and cultures with different attitudes in game design was super cool. I was glad to have met them."

"I believe that climate change is the greatest challenge we will face in the 21st century, and this class has helped me prepare for that upcoming conflict."

"I feel like neurological health and mental health in general is one of the most important things in life so a lot of the information I learned in neuropsychology helped me to learn more about myself and about others."