stair railing outside with a student behind.
stair railing outside with a student behind.

Middle School

Advisory & Co-Curriculum

Middle School advisory is a two-year program that develops positive habits and promotes self-advocacy skills.

In this inclusive, community-focused space, students build rapport with their advisors. The program encourages students to make deliberate choices about managing their time, and to take ownership of their academic and personal growth.


The advisory program’s co-curriculum component enhances and supports students’ socio-emotional skills, academic performance, and approach toward their learning. This comprehensive curriculum enables students to develop essential skills such as effective communication, collaborative teamwork, leadership abilities, and a strong connection to their communities. The program equips students with the necessary skills for success in various aspects of life as they navigate their journey into adulthood.

Additionally, students have “E-Block” during the school day, which provides free time outside of the traditional classroom setting for students to apply what they have learned in advisory and other classes. They have the freedom to make choices, learn from their experiences, and cultivate a sense of self-efficacy. Students can seek guidance and support from advisors and teachers, complete assignments, or engage in other activities during this period.