Student Support

We support students through their academic, social/emotional, and physical growth. This coordinated cooperation cuts across all departments, even campus transitions. Specialists work with faculty, coordinating support holistically throughout a students journey at BB&N.

Academic Support

There are many avenues of academic support here at the Middle School, beginning with teachers and continuing through advisors and up to the Director of the Middle School.

The Middle School Learning Specialist and Academic Support Specialist are available to provide supplementary academic support across a range of academic areas for students. Both work closely with Grade Deans, Advisors, and MS Faculty to support students as they transition to the Middle School and navigate the curriculum. The Learning Specialist also consults to parents regarding students' academic experience and progress, developmental issues, and referrals to outside supports.

Student Support Groups

Click here to read about our Advisory Program.

Groups such as the Community Service Club, Leadership Council, Diversity Discussion Group, and Affinity Lunch allow Middle School students to participate in service, diversity, and leadership opportunities.

Social-Emotional Support

Stefanie Haug, LICSW, leads and supports middle schoolers’ social-emotional experiences through direct services, curriculum development, and consultation with faculty and parent/caregivers. Known to students as “Ms. Stefanie,” Stefanie transforms her office into a destination where students regularly come to relax, study, and chat with her and with each other. From an informal gathering spot emerges a safe space where students can speak about personal, family, school or social concerns. Ms. Stefanie leads weekly student lunches that explore mind-body awareness and potential family and friend stressors. Ms. Stefanie is the Department Chair of the Advisory Program which is the school’s social-emotional program. She consults regularly with the Director, Specialists, Grade Deans, and Advisors about students’ social-emotional well-being and school culture. Ms. Stefanie speaks with parents/caretakers about individual student as well as general adolescent topics and concerns. Stefanie also runs monthly Wellness Gatherings at the Middle School. Students and families are warmly welcomed to stop by or make an appointment with her at any time. Email:

Nurse's Office

The School Nurse's office is located on the ground floor of the Carriage House building.