Middle School Academics

Grades 7-8

On one level, Middle School at BB&N is about quadratic equations, irregular French verbs, and the coming-of-age travails of young Esperanza Cordero in The House on Mango Street. But on another, it’s about digging into the pretty weighty questions students are asking as they move through some of the most intense physical, emotional, and intellectual changes of their lives. Questions like Who am I? Where am I going? and How am I going to get there?

The Middle School academic program dovetails neatly with the developmental growth and unique challenges of students entering adolescence. Students take history, English, math, science, art, and a foreign language (French, Spanish, or Latin), and have increasing opportunities to tailor their learning to their own interests. The curriculum taps their growing capacity for critical thinking, their penchant for risk-taking, and their expanding awareness of self while exploring themes relevant to them during this fascinating time of life.