A Message from the Director

BB&N has a strong commitment to supporting and enhancing global education opportunities for our students and faculty—a formal commitment anchored in BB&N’s mission, value statement, and Global Education Philosophy.

Through our Global Education Program we seek to foster students who have in-depth knowledge of the world, its people, and the challenges it faces. It is our core belief and responsibility as a school to provide the appropriate curricular and co-curricular framework to develop the dispositions, values, skills, and attitudes of globally competent citizens. BB&N students learn to interact empathetically across a variety of cultural groups and to be lifelong learners who are empowered to make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

Through our Global Education program, BB&N students learn to appreciate multiple perspectives and recognize that the world is made up of interconnected and interdependent systems. They develop these competencies, at every grade level, by investigating the world beyond the classroom, proposing innovative solutions to real problems, and focusing on process as much as outcome. The school develops these competencies through a variety of educational vehicles, including a curriculum guided by our Global Competency Framework, BB&N courses, study abroad opportunities, virtual connections with students from other parts of the world, Global Online Academy classes, School-sponsored travel, Round Square-sponsored conferences and collaborations, and extracurricular activities.


Dr. Karina J. Baum
Director of Global Education