person pouring into test tubes.



Science at BB&N

At BB&N, the science program instills a deep curiosity about how the world works and how scientific content and skills can be applied in context. Emphasizing collaboration and hands-on, inquiry-based learning, the curriculum focuses on scientific problem-solving, critical thinking, and the development of essential scientific skills. Across all three campuses, students are encouraged to transition from concrete to abstract thinking, which builds confidence, independence, and a systematic approach to scientific exploration. The program encourages students to engage meaningfully with the world and to think critically about their role in it, including themes such as sustainable development, climate change, and other global challenges.


The Lower School focuses developing learners on the practices and skills of being a scientist. Observing, predicting, inferring, and communicating about science are highlighted through interdisciplinary inquiry and project-based units. The Middle School’s science program promotes engagement in relevant, hands-on activities, while familiarizing students with laboratory science skills and emphasizing the importance of mastering the processes, skills, and vocabulary of the physical sciences. The Upper School science program employs a laboratory and project-based discovery model. Students gain and apply foundational content knowledge and skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, data interpretation, global awareness, and communication of scientific ideas and arguments.